Today I tried something different: timeboxing.

The idea, which is a common approach taken in managing time in software development (though with longer timelines), is that you take a collection of tasks you want to accomplish, assign a deadline on each, and if you don't accomplish the task by that deadline, you reschedule.

The idea is that you accomplish two things with this:

  1. you create focus and drive on a task because you don't want to miss the deadline, and

The Twitter aha moment and beyond

I've really gotten into Twitter of late, and noticed something of a maturing process in my expectations and usage of the service. I'm generally not a social network joiner by nature and temperament - though I am a professional web developer, and contribute some to open source projects - so perhaps this list may play differently for the more socially-driven individual. I think, however, there is some value in recording the incipient stages of this Twitterer's growth curve.

The stages:

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