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Until recently, I worked for the Idaho Commission for Libraries as a web developer engaged with a number of projects based on Drupal and a few custom coded apps. It was a job I held for about eight years, starting as a part time grant funded assistant to the library networking consultant. As my skills increased, the agency's needs grew, and the Internet germinated, and it became a full-blown web designer and state employee position. A few years later I was reclassified as a developer.

Find out how much you (or others) have contributed to Drupal

Update: The ability to conduct these searches appears to be broken with the move from to

Sometimes you want to measure how much you've contributed to Drupal.

Sometimes you want to measure someone else - perhaps you're considering hiring this person.

Try the following Google search (where "username" is the person's username): username

That's it. Not scientific or anything, but it'll let you get a handle on how often a person's username appears on

modes of communication in social media

Today I caught an NPR interview from a few days ago with Clay Shirky, author of "Here Comes Everybody." I was installing a new Drupal site, and so listening with divided attention. Nothing in the interview jumped out at me until the last minute when Shirky mentioned social media has a tendency to favor phatic communication, a mode of communication with the goal of opening social channels between people.


I received an email that ended thusly from my friend Alejandro Adams, mentioning his in-development film Babnik:

"I hope Babnik lives up to the (ahem, your) hype and pulls one out for the 'plot' team (but not at the expense of character!)."

My reply, in slightly edited form (and intended as a treatise on story and not to be misconstrued as a chastisement):

We're having "macaroni and cheese"...

The conversation went like this:

"E, would you like lasagna for dinner?"

"No! I want macaroni and cheese!"

"Have you ever had lasagna?"

"I want macaroni and cheese! Macaroni and cheese!"

Five minutes later...

"So, E, we're out of macaroni noodles. What if we made it with spiral noodles?"

"Yeah! Spiral noodles!"

"Or, hey, we could make macaroni and cheese with long flat noodles. Does that sound good?"

"Yeah! Macaroni and cheese! Noodles!"

"What if we mixed some tomatoes in?"


"And maybe some hamburger?"

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