A New Gig

Until recently, I worked for the Idaho Commission for Libraries as a web developer engaged with a number of projects based on Drupal and a few custom coded apps. It was a job I held for about eight years, starting as a part time grant funded assistant to the library networking consultant. As my skills increased, the agency's needs grew, and the Internet germinated, and it became a full-blown web designer and state employee position. A few years later I was reclassified as a developer. Along with my reclassification, a web designer was added to the agency to compliment my work. It was a fun eight years, full of evolutionary and revolutionary changes in that agency's web services. I developed not only web design and programming skills, but also skills as a speaker, project manager, and diplomat. I could have imagined staying there many years. But recently a great opportunity came by, and I held my breath and... I took it.

I'm now working as a Sr. Systems Analyst for ASU's Applied Learning Technologies Institute (alt^I), with, yes, Drupal. My activities are much more focused on development to the exclusion of other activities - which is great. I'd come to feel my abilities as a developer in my previous work had plateaued because I wasn't able to stay immersed in the world of development due to the ranging nature off the job. And while I liked the variety, I've always been attracted to those activities that seem just a titch out of one's grasp, and every chance I get to code I get that experience - there's a never ending learning curve because each project is a problem you can't define until you've solved it.

I'm in my fourth week at alt^I's and it's been awesome. Not only is the work engaging, but the people are welcoming and friendly. There seems to have been an expectation that I could hit the ground running, and I could. What a great feeling!

(For those wondering, I'm still in Idaho. I'm a telecommuter now!)

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