My OS X Panoply

I'm setting up a new MacBook Pro for development work. Thought it might be nice to have a list of programs installed and customizations made. Perhaps others will find it helpful, too. This setup is fairly well road-tested by this Drupal and web application developer.


Find these via

  • Firebug (Developer tool. Great for CSS and Javascript work.)
  • Web Developer Toolbar (Developer tool. You should know it. Great for turning off Javascript, messing with cookies, measuring parts of a page.)
  • Delicious (Bookmarking, of course.)
  • ReadItLater (Just like it sounds.)
  • Download Statusbar (See downloads just above the status bar. No more messing with the download window.)
  • Faviconize Tab (Shrink tabs for Gmail and Google Reader down to just the favicon.)
  • Tab Mix Plus (For setting all tabs to 140px wide. Makes it easier to close multiple tabs quickly without repositioning the mouse.)
  • Live HTTP Headers (What's going on in that HTTP Header of yours?)
  • Zotero (A researcher's tool, sure, but works great for keeping code snippets, and references to documentation pages - the sort of stuff you want to document and keep, but aren't right for bookmarking in Delicious due to the amount of notes-to-self involved and because this info doesn't really benefit anyone by being out there for others.)

Bonus Firefox Tip: Turn on "Search for text when I start typing" in Preferences > Advanced > General tab!

Safari and Opera

Because when you're working with Drupal, you need more than one browser to easily test user permissions, etc.

Keep those pesky .DS_STORE files out of your SVN commits. (Think I was wrong about that...) Manage your files in a two-pane interface from the comfort of your keyboard, rarely needing to reach for the mouse. Experience a Java app that doesn't feel like a Java app. One of my favorites.

OS X Spaces Improvment

Know your boundaries. Make OS X's Spaces a sane experience by turning off the wrapping (for the upper left and lower right corners). This makes Spaces feel a lot less like a game of Ms. Pac Man. At the command line: defaults write workspaces-wrap-arrows -bool NO

Let your programs keep you in the loop.

Improved tabbing through windows.

Run other OSes within OS X without rebooting. Browser testing, you know?

You can do a lot with this. I mostly use it as an application launcher.

A nice bundle of tools to keep the web application developer developing web applications instead of playing server admin.


Call stacks with your PHP errors. Beautiful var_dump() output. Step-thru debugging. The instructions at work well in light of the other software in play here. It's recommended to turn Zend Optimizer off in MAMP when using XDebug.

iStat Menus
All kinds of rad system monitoring tools.

Icon creation software. Work at the pixel level. Software was pay-for, but now as it's discontinued, it's provided with a free registration code.

Color picker.


Not installed yet, but will be.

Password safe. Unlock a database of all your usernames and passwords and URLs with only one master password.

Sequel Pro
I mostly work with MySQL on the command line, but sometimes, it's just quicker to edit a few rows of content in a GUI. Sequel Pro is the successor of CocoaMySQL.


# Define Bash prompt appearance
# \d - Current dat
# \t - Current time
# \h - Host name
# \# - Command number
# \u - User name
# \W - Current working directory (ie: Desktop/)
# \w - Current working directory, full path (ie: /Users/Admin/Desktop)
# \n - New line - can be nice for readability
#export PS1="\u@\h\w$ "
export PS1="\n\u@\h : \w > "

# Cli Colors
export CLICOLOR=1
export LSCOLORS=cxgxcxdxbxegedabagacad

# Alias for ls
alias ls='ls -aF'
# Alias for colorful egrep
alias egrep='egrep --color=auto'

# Add MAMP binaries to path

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin

.vimrc tricked out for working with PHP and Drupal

set expandtab
set tabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
set autoindent
set smartindent
set number
set ignorecase  " Ignore case in / searches...
set smartcase  " ...unless search includes a capital letter
set scrolloff=5  " Keep 5 lines above or below cursor during scroll
set wrap  " Line wrapping off
set hlsearch  " Highlight searched term
set foldmethod=indent
set foldnestmax=1
" Visual
set showmatch  " Show matching brackets.
set mat=5  " Bracket blinking.
set background=dark
syntax on
" colorscheme wombat
set ruler
" set cursorline
" set cursorcolumn
if has("autocmd")
  " Drupal *.module and *.install files.
    augroup module
    autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.module set filetype=php
    autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.install set filetype=php
    autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.inc set filetype=php
    autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.test set filetype=php

    " omnicomplete
    filetype plugin on
    set ofu=syntaxcomplete#Complete
    " omnicomplete languages
    autocmd FileType python set omnifunc=pythoncomplete#Complete
    autocmd FileType javascript set omnifunc=javascriptcomplete#CompleteJS
    autocmd FileType html set omnifunc=htmlcomplete#CompleteTags
    autocmd FileType css set omnifunc=csscomplete#CompleteCSS
    autocmd FileType xml set omnifunc=xmlcomplete#CompleteTags
    autocmd FileType php set omnifunc=phpcomplete#CompletePHP
    autocmd FileType c set omnifunc=ccomplete#Complete

    augroup END

let php_sql_query = 1
let php_htmlInStrings = 1
" let php_folding = 1  " Set folding for php functions and classes

" map ;; to Esc
map! ;; <Esc>

" Shift key fixes
cmap W w
cmap WQ wq
cmap wQ wq
cmap Q q


nipper wrote 8 years 41 weeks ago
mlsamuelson wrote 8 years 41 weeks ago

Thanks Nipper! A great

Thanks Nipper! A great solution!

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