Introducing the Drupal Signup Node Spawn module

Finally had a work day with some breathing room this week - it's been a while - and I was able to climb up the Drupal Git learning curve (not difficult) and release the updated for Drupal 7 Insert Block module and the new Signup Node Spawn module which I created for work a few months back.

From the module description: Signup Node Spawn allows you to automate the copy-based creation of new signup nodes based on existing nodes. If you turn spawning on for a signup node, when signups close, a new copy of the node will be created, including the spawn settings. Spawning will be turned off on the original. This allows for continuous ongoing creation of signup nodes when seating limits close. You can turn off spawning at any time.

Anyway, there's my little plug. I don't expect it to be something many folks need, but it fills it's little niche nicely.

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