the gift of vocab

One of the most magnificent gifts a parent can give their child is a rich and deep vocabulary. It is with words that each of us begins to grasp and manipulate the world in ways more meaningful than simply meeting the biological necessities of life.

The right word allows us to put our hand behind the interminable backdrop of reality and bring forth an object or idea or system and inquire of it. Vocabulary broadens the breadth of inquiry and deepens the depth of investigation. It is a fitness of the mind.

So this evening when my three year old son came out of his bedroom past his bedtime and stated, "There's a monster outside my door," and my wife said, "No there isn't, your daddy wouldn't let any monsters in the house," and my son said, "I'm just pretending. It's just reasonable, Mom." It made me very happy.


Anonymous wrote 9 years 27 weeks ago

Ailsa told me yesterday that

Ailsa told me yesterday that her cupcake was phenomenal.

mlsamuelson wrote 9 years 27 weeks ago

Ha! That's awesome. This is

Ha! That's awesome. This is such a fun age, isn't it? Hearing bits of yourself ("phenomenal" sounds like something you'd say) picked up and sent back.


Marya wrote 9 years 26 weeks ago

She steals so many of my

She steals so many of my phrases. "I should say so." And lots of nonsensical terms of endearment for Asher. "Brother is a poot toot poopedy pants little poodle toop foop." Last night when I came home she preempted my usual questions with, "What did you do at work today, Mommy? Did you play with your balls?" She thinks I play with balls at work because she's seen a couple of basketballs here. She thinks daddy watches movies when he works.

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