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Michael Samuelson is a web developer specializing in the Drupal content management framework and related technologies (PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS). He's known to make the occasional contribution to Drupal, but not nearly as frequently as he'd like. In past years he worked in Idaho state government with a number of projects based on Drupal as well as on a few custom coded apps. He's now a Sr. Systems Analyst for ASU's Unversity Techology Office Applications and Design team (working with, yes, Drupal). On the side, he sometimes speaks at conferences or conducts Drupal trainings. And occasionally he engages in special projects and consulting on the side.

Michael Samuelson is a proponent of open source software and considers it an integral part of a healthy software ecosystem. He ranges widely among the various OS platforms (Windows, OS X, Linux), usually within a single work day, and is especially fond of the command line way of getting stuff done.

He's been working with computers for years - having run a BBS out of his bedroom during junior high, when the Internet was not yet in existence.

Beyond web application development, Michael Samuelson is a father, husband, and dilettante who has dabbled in film, video, music and writing. Web development and the occasional design project, however, tends to satiate his desire to create and engage in critical analysis. That and sharing his love for programming by coaching FLL and FTC robotics teams.

Michael has a degree in English Literature which has served him very well in web development and equipped him with the analytical tools and critical thinking skills required by the profession. Because of this background, he tends to approach the work of web development as a craftsman more than an engineer. This lends itself to a pragmatic eye and an easy way with non-technical individuals (marketing people love him because he can bridge the gap between their world and the developer's world fairly easily).

Michael doesn't know that he'll ever be a rockstar developer due to his ranging nature (often a plus given many of the understaffed projects he's worked on, which require someone to attend to a lot of different details), but his comprehensive experience and array of skills means he does make a fine session musician.

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