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Getting Started with Drupal's Batch API

The following is a posting of my code from this month's Boise Drupal User Group presentation I did on Drupal's Batch API as it exists in Drupal 6. It also showcases a simple technique one could use for firing off batch operations via Drupal's admin interface. It's light on prose, and heavy on code.

screenshot of batch api in action: progress bar

Strategies for Grokking Drupal Code

If programmers wanted to be technical writers, they probably would be technical writers and not programmers. You can see that tautology played out in many a Drupal module where the documentation (most likely a README.txt) is on the light side, and the code is on the heavy side. Don't get me wrong, there's some great documentation out there, and many valiant efforts on the part of developers, but you just can't always depend on extensive documentation - especially when you're looking at a module that's not particularly mature.

Find out how much you (or others) have contributed to Drupal

Update: The ability to conduct these searches appears to be broken with the move from to

Sometimes you want to measure how much you've contributed to Drupal.

Sometimes you want to measure someone else - perhaps you're considering hiring this person.

Try the following Google search (where "username" is the person's username): username

That's it. Not scientific or anything, but it'll let you get a handle on how often a person's username appears on

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