Debugging (Drupal)

Following are notes from a dashed off presentation on debugging. There's a bit of a Drupal slant here.

On Successful Debugging

  1. Define the problem

Simple, Compact EV3 Bot for Teaching

I've been an FTC (First Tech Challenge) coach going on 4 years now, and it's one of the most rewarding things I do.

This last season I also started assistant coaching an FLL (First Lego League) team. That team took the Inspiration Award at the Idaho state championships. They deserved it. Evidenced by the fact they've inspired me.

ASU Dev Day Presentation: The Rules Module in Drupal 7

Just finished giving a presentation on the Rules module in Drupal 7 for ASU Dev Day. Great audience, great venue (Skysong!), and my first time visiting Tempe, despite working for ASU for a few years now. Funny how things work these days, telecommuting and all.

Rules is a definite shining star in Drupal 7. Wish there was video for the presentation that I could share, but alas.

Download the slides as a PDF.

Introducing the Drupal Signup Node Spawn module

Finally had a work day with some breathing room this week - it's been a while - and I was able to climb up the Drupal Git learning curve (not difficult) and release the updated for Drupal 7 Insert Block module and the new Signup Node Spawn module which I created for work a few months back.

Rocking the Vim terminal in a GUI cut and paste world

When I first started using Vim as my full time editor, one thing that tripped me up was copying and pasting to and from Vim where I run it in the terminal. Line numbers wanted to come with my copys, and indentation on code went wacky with my pastes into Vim. A couple quick, temporary settings changes, though, and Vim handles everything just fine.

When pasting to Vim in the terminal, if line indentation gets out of hand, progressively indenting each line. Fix it by turning paste on:

:set paste

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